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26 Jun 2018 11:06
indians summiting everest without supplemental oxy Kunal/Others, I know this has been a long time coming. As I said.... Personally these stats mean nothing to me. Here are a couple of snapshots from a reliable source (I think). Hope this quenches your...
15 Dec 2017 07:01
Basic Mountaineering Course - Physical Fitness Pre No worries. You're welcome. Hope you have a great trip. Be sure to keep a tab on the security situation before you head out for the course. Major towns in Kashmir can be volatile. It is unfortunate because Kashmir and Kashmiri people have so much to...
15 Dec 2017 06:50
Winter treks in Himachal Pradesh Hi Umang!! Hope your kit is suited to the rigours of a winter trip. And of course there is the matter of conditioning too. A warm sleeping bag, a decent tent, good layering, sturdy winter boots and mitts and socks for your digits; these are the bare...
By- Umang
16 Nov 2017 11:42
Gokyo Ri and Gokyo Lakes Trek in Nepal Nepal the country located in the central Himalayas in South Asia is undoubtedly the most popular place for adventure activities. And there are good reasons why trekking in Nepal, which wind through some of the highest mountains of the world is unique in every...
By- Umang
16 Nov 2017 11:28
Hello! Hello friends, My name is Umang. I came to know about this forum recently. Hope to meet and interact with the like minded people.

" In the mountains there are only two grades: You can either do it, or you can't." - Rusty Baille